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  • “Recycling is eco-protective and waste preventative.”

  • “Second-hand clothing lowers the CO2 emissions.”

  • “The best recycling is the continuous wearing of clothes.”

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One of us is in your neighbourhood.
Wherever you happen to be right now.

Our containers for collecting old clothes are well placed in over 1.000 locations in the whole of Northern Germany. You will recognise them through our printed internet address and in many cases by the bvse stamp (right). Each one of our containers receives from the beginning a full, all-round service.

  • We empty the containers weekly (if needed daily)
  • We clean the containers and keep them free from graffiti
  • We clean and clear an area of 1 metre around the containers
  • The emergency number on the container is available 24/7
  • We remove any unwanted containers within 5 days


Looking for a container on your Smartphone?
It’s easy as GPS.

You wish to find a clothing container while you are on the move? Download our “Old clothing” application now free from your App Store for iPhone and iPad or from the Google Play Store for Android Smartphones and tablets. Switch on your GPS or navigation system and after the program starts you will see up to ten containers located near you.

On iPhone, iPod und iPad




You’ve found a great place to put a clothing container? Then help us and the environment by saving huge amounts of water and energy and get active in the recycling area by setting up a clothing container where you are. Complete the form below and click the `submit´ button. We will contact you soonest to clear the rest of the details.