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We’re real fashion collectors.
Since well over 100 years.

It all started in the year of 1914 when Karl and Alwine Wenkhaus started up the company Textile Recycling K. & A. Wenkhaus. They were officially recognized as Hamburg’s first rag-collectors or scrap dealers. This laid the foundation for the family business in the oldest recycling branch of the world. They both ran through the town’s streets shouting: “Give us your rags” and they collected old clothing, feather beds and shoes on their so-called “Scottish wheelbarrows”. The resulting collection was then sorted into various categories and resold or recycled.

Today, more than 50 people collect and sort textiles at our family business, which is now in its fifth generation. It’s their daily responsibility to work for the good of future generations. We enjoy our work as textile recyclers because we can see a direct response for what we do: to protect natural resources, the environment and our climate and be at the forefront of environmental protection and waste reduction. And just like our textile bales and clothes collecting containers, we have our little `ups and downs´. You’re very welcome to come and get to know us…